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They lined up out the door to get into Oakmont Cup V

They lined up out the door to get into Oakmont Cup V

There were a lot of “firsts” at the fifth annual Oakmont Brewers Cup, held on June 5th in Havertown. Hosted by Brendan Goggin of the Oakmont Pub, John Reynolds of Brew Your Own Beer (and me of BeerAppreciation), this was the first year that we actually sold tickets for our annual summer home brew contest.

It was also the first year that we held the event in the storefront next to the Oakmont Pub, and the first year we offered door prizes, a free beer at the pub, and commemorative pint glasses.

It was also the first year we had a repeat winner – and in consecutive years to boot – Michael Kinsley. MIke told me “Last year we did porter – and that’s in my sweet spot – but the success of my session beer was a real surprise!”

Mike wins again!

Mike wins again!

Second place was Nate Talvasia – new to the winners circle, third in a strong finish was George King. The only other previous winner to fill out the top tier was Christa Taylor who’s ale finished fourth this year.

The event was a rousing success, with over 80 people voting for the best beer. The volume of voting overwhelmed our “text your vote” application for a while, but it all got sorted out eventually. (Thanks to Bill Sherwood for his yeoman’s work on the vote tabulation – my first year not doing it by hand!).

A thanks as well to all that helped  in the set up and pouring – and all that participated. We learned a lot from this event, and next year will be even better.

It’s great to share really good home brewed beers from some of the best home brewers in the area – with our local beer appreciators!


Everyone was a "clear" winner on June 5th 2014

Everyone was a “clear” winner on June 5th 2014

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