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DC Brau Coming to Philly Beer Week 2014

DC Brau Coming to Philly Beer Week 2014

The folks and beer at DC Brau (the first packaging brewery in DC since the 1950’s) are just a little different – in a very enjoyable way for Beer Appreciators. I dropped by the brewery during a break in the Savor Beer event in April, and I was pleasantly surprised by the beer and the people at the brewery.

For example,their 6% ale “The Public” is a pale ale in the style of DC Brau – which means a little different – rich, assertive and while hop forward it offers noticeable maltiness. Close your eyes and you are having a balanced IPA. But then again – if you close your eyes when drinking their “On the Wings of Armageddon” Imperial Single Hopped IPA they may not reopen – as at 9.2% ABV with a TON of hops, you are smacked in the face by that one.

Their artwork and vibe suggests “3 Floyds East Coast”, and they offer some really fine “flavor first beers” that are fun to try.  (I aso liked that they had named their brew kettles – “Steamie Ray Vaughn” and “Steamie Wonder” for example). I also enjoyed sampling their Black IPA brewed with Oyster shells…

When we arrived we were greeted by Michael Stein who is titled as “Official Brewery Tour Guide & Historian”. We told him we were in town for the Savor Beer and Food tasting event, he asked us if we had tried any of the local beers before the event. We told him we hadn’t and he retorted “Thank God – why would anyone want to drink a few pints and THEN go to a beer event with some of the finest beers in the country?”. Good point!

Mike and some local artwork at the Brewery

Mike and some local artwork at the Brewery

As Mike showed us and a large group of eager beer appreciators around – his passion for beer and beer history was evident. He patiently explained the canning process (DC B only cans their beer), the brewing process, etc. When someone asked him if DC Brau had any “live yeast beers” he calmly stated “all of our beers have live yeast – yeast is alive!”.

DC Brau has made it’s way up the east coast and now can be found here and there in the Philly area. (I recently found some of the delicious “Public” on tap at the Oakmont Pub in Havertown.) They are making a big push at Philly Beer Week – you should check them out. The good news for Beer Appreciators is that DC Brau is expanding capacity by 50% with their recent addition of six new fermentation tanks – so more of their “a little different Ales” are coming your way soon.

Here are a few of their upcoming Philly Beer Week Events:

Wednesday June 4

DC Brau Happy Hour  5:00 PM – 7:00 PM  Oyster House • 1516 Sansom St   Philadelphia

Thursday, June 5

Battle of the Beltway……a DC Brau & Stillwater Production  4:00 PM – 2:00 AM The Cambridge • 1508 South Street   Phila

Friday, June 6    

DC Brau/Stillwater Jam  7:00 PM – 10:00 PM TIME -Restaurant, Whiskey Bar & Tap Room • 1315 Sansom St   Philadelphia

Saturday, June 7  

Beer & Cheese Pairing with DC Brau & DiBruno Bros

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM 12 Steps Down • 831 Christian Street   Philadelphia 

Hot stuff indeed from the brew kettle at DC Brau

Hot stuff indeed from the brew kettle at DC Brau

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