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Welcome to Beer Appreciation!

The mission of BeerAppreciation is to first educate people about the rich world of beer—its culture, styles, history, ingredients and stories. We teach Beer Appreciation Classes at local night schools and other venues, and on request for bars and restaurants. Our staff coordinates and leads beer tasting and beer dinner events, to share beer knowledge and enjoyment.

Take a moment to watch our video to learn more about Beer Appreciation and all that we have to offer.

“My favorite beer? Depends so much on what is going on at the time, what food is part of things, how I am feeling, who I am with. So all and no beers are my favorite.”

Peter Cherpack

"Beer is more complex than wine - wine has two ingredients and limited palate of flavors - beer has many ingredients all of which can be managed to create a wide range of wonderful flavors."

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"Beer is like liquid art - to be appreciated and experienced."