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18th and Sansom – New Philly Beer HQ? The Dandelion pops up….

By February 27, 2011Beer Education

He's the only one "Boared" at the Dandelion

With Tria already established as a beer mecca helping to promote craft beer, wine and other spirits, now Stephen Starr has opened a new “gastro pub” across the street “Dandelion”.

Mr. Starr has never been one to shy away from good beer on his menus but this place is more beer focused then before – along with traditional “British Gastro-pub” fare. (Is a British Gatro-pub traditional? Never mind.)

The location of the old “Fish House” from long ago now houses a multi level recreated British pub with stuffed Boar heads, tile floors, dark wood and leaded glass. A number of early reviews mention the beer list as “exclusively British ales” but I was pleased to see some US and local brews included featuring a suitably cool (not cold) Yards Tavern Porter pulled from the cask.

(To digress – but how often have you ordered a nice roasty porter or stout, preferably on tap or better yet from a hand pump – and found it icy cold? It’s a shame cause as we beer appreciators certainly know, to really enjoy these darker ales, they need to be consumed cool not cold – otherwise the aroma and flavor can’t really be detected, you might as well be drinking a Yuengling.)

Other features in the downstairs bar taps included Fullers London Pride and J.W. Lee’s Harvest Barleywine. Some intriguing bottle selections included Cane and Able Rye beer from Two Brothers (can’t get enough Rye!) , Triple Karmelite, Hercules Double IPA from Great Divide and Phoenix Pale Ale from local wonders Sly Fox.

Take two flights up and the more traditional dark pub atmosphere envelops you quickly in the canine themed 3rd floor bar. But, anglophile or not, there was still room for Dogfish 60 along with the Guinness.

Now beer appreciators have two good reasons for heading to 18th and Sansom street in the city… And  you might as well swing by Dibruno Bros next door to pick up something savory to eat…

Yards Cask conditioned Tavern Ale with the Cheese Plate at the 'Lion

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