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Lagunitas – Rolling with Glorious Beer Craziness

By December 6, 2009Beer Education

A smiling bearded man I saw rolling down the steps of the brewers exit at the GABF 2006 turned out to be a brewer from Lagunitas…

This turned out to be just an example of the craziness that this fine brewery from Petaluma California was about to unleash on beer appreciators everywhere over the next few years…

Thanks to The Beer Yard in Wayne – and a fortuitous meeting with local Lagunitas rep Trevor at the Philly Craft Brewfest on 2008, I have had the pleasure of experiencing such extreme beer masterpieces as Hop Stupid, Lucky 13, the Frank Zappa series Imperial Red, Brown Sugga…so many great beers, so little time…

These guys are like a left coast Dogfish, but with an evil-clown craziness that is to be feared and appreciated… Of course I am loyal to our mid Atlantic brewing community, just every once in a while, I can’t get that hoppy/lethal/delicious Laguinitas out of my mind.. and palate.

What other brewer would print the lyrics to Steely Dan’s Kid Charlemagne instead of marketing info on their cases?

If you want to walk on the beer wild side, and Dogfish isn’t what you are looking for this time, try a Lagunitas variety mixed case from the Beer Yard… You and you tastebuds will have a blast…And you may be rolling down some steps yourself… And smiling!

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