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DeWine Beer in Pikesville

By November 27, 2009Beer Events

Magnums of Anchor Steam Christmas Ale in the cooler was my first hint that “DiWine Spirits” in Pikesville, Maryland was more than just an attractive Wine and Spirits store hidden away in a shopping center on Reisterstown Road.

When Marlon Delgado asked if I planned to lay a bottle down for aging I knew I had struck gold. While the selection of beers was not huge, the available choices were great.

In the beer case were Dogfish of many types (Palo Santo, Midas), Heavy Seas, Allagash, Great Divide…lots of good stuff.

After a little help with single batch bourbon selections, Marlon suggested local brewers Brewers Art’s Resurrection Ale. A fine choice, indeed – and BeerAppreciation agrees whole heartedly with supporting local brewers.

If you are passing through the area, it’s well worth the stop, particularly if you also like wine, their selection is great. Say hi to Marlon and the crew for me!

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