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Brewtopia Beer Festival, New York City, October 26 – 27, 2007

By October 27, 2007August 20th, 2009Beer Events


This year’s festival was held in at the NY Piers which was a much friendlier setting than the cavernous Javits Center. Lots of beer and lots of beer appreciators in the Apple. I was fortunate enough to be next to the Oskar Blues booth – which kept my palate moist during Saturday’s session.

I played the “Challenge the Beer Guy” game – seeing if the Brewtopia attendees could stump me on a beer question (no math! no physics!)

Here were the winning stumper questions:

1. North America’s highest brewpub: “Roses” in Leadville Colorado – Paul Resnick

2. Country number 25 per capita in beer consumption in the world: Norway – Greg Negrosst

3. What does “Frauch Heather Ale” mean: Heather Heather Ale – Derya Rose

4. Who first coined the phrase “Clubbing” (not seal related): Ben Franklin – Dave Landers

5. Most beers on tap in the world: Delerium Cafe, Brussels Belgium (2500) – Dave Finnegan