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Dogfish Head Intergalactic Bocce Tournament, Milton, Delaware, September 28 – 29, 2007

By September 28, 2007August 20th, 2009Beer Events


It was all you can imagine – dozens of strangely dressed men and women rolling bocce balls and drinking great beer at the bocce courts directly in front of the wonderful Dogfish Head brewery in Lewes, Delaware. I was a last minute substitute addition thanks to fellow beer appreciator John Reagan (who had participated in the event the previous two years) so I had the pleasure of joining in the two day experience – including all the Dogfish brews you could drink at the brewery (really!) – Indian Brown, 60 Minute, 90 Minute, Johnny Rawton, Pangia (went down too smooth)… Dinners at the Brewpub hosted by Mr. Dogfish himself Sam Calagione. (His favorite – 1/2 90 Minute, 1/2 60 Minute = “75 Minute IPA”) Our team at the Dogfish Jeep

Our theme was the New England Patriots coaching staff (“If you can’t win, cheat”) though apparently we didn’t cheat enough to get past the second round.

A highlight for certain was when a friendly (though seriously sunburnt) Dogfish Head brewer poured a few half World Wide Stout and half 120 IPA drafts straight from the fermenting tanks (“Heaven and Hell” he called it). Then the catapulting of the cases of Keystone Lite at a huge replica of a plastic toilet  was memorable as well. They missed, but that was part of the fun. As Sam would say “That’s good Bocce!”