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This is how we roll in the web age… in the beer age…

I am at the bar at the Oakmont National Pub in Havertown tonight with my friends Seamus and Brendan — celebrating the new web site. Brendan has appeared in these posts many times over the year – he brought craft beer to the Havertown area. Together we hatched the idea of the “Oakmont Cup” home brewing contest – -four years old and going strong. You may also find me at the Pub, not working at all… sipping Lagunitas, Yards, Troegs, Pliny….

Seamus is the web designer for Coleraine Design– and rebuilt my site in 2009 – now in 2013. (He also convinced me to buy an iPhone that year – and went on a beer junket to Boston with Brendan and me. I have seen him dance and sing Irish jigs…Though I am not sure he recalls it clearly)

These guys are dragging me into 2013 from a web perspective, and I consider them supporting partners of and the world of craft beer as well.

So, here we are – and you see that it takes a village to make a website – well, a very small and very talented village!

More to come…


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