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beerYes, we went away for a bit, but now we now rise again – brighter and better than ever. We have managed to put together this great new look – with more features and (hopefully) more interesting and valuable information about the world, culture, breweries, curiosities and people of beer.
Along with beer, photography has always been a passion – so this new site will offer more graphics and photography – all about the beer culture and breweries, of course. We also now have a “events calendar” – so if you are looking for more local events – including those including BeerAppreciation – well, it will be easier to find.
We did some work on the brewery life list too – so you can find breweries I have visited and suggest you to see – with photographs of each one (mostly) and a great interactive gmap you can check out yourself.
Look for more of the regular posts, with musings and observations, event reports, brewery visits and interviews with brewers and beer folk of all sorts. The resources – how to taste beer, how to run a beer tasting, are easier to find.
A lot of sites rate beers, list breweries and talk about beers they like. BeerAppreciation gives you a look behind the scenes (in text and photography) at what’s going on locally in the Philly area and nationally – sharing intelligent and interesting observations and comments to keep you informed on the growing phenomena of craft beer in America.
As always – talk to me, share your thoughts – email me your ideas, comments and suggestions to Tell me if you like the new look. – Started in 2004 (the infancy of craft beer blogging and sites), and still growing strong – thanks to you, beer appreciators! 
Cheers – Peter

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