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Chill out at the spacious pub at Southern Pacific

On last year’s northern California beer tour, The Southern Pacific Brewery wasn’t on my radar, as it wasn’t even established until about a week after I left (January 27th, 2012). But this new place isn’t to be overlooked – as it offers fresh brewed beers and other harder to find locals as well as an interesting menu and a friendly local urban hipster vibe.

Located in the up and coming Potrero District, patrons from the local factories, offices and lofts pack the place on the nights and weekends. “Any warm day we get crowded too – thanks to the front patio” commented the bartender Marta. I can tell you that parking in the area during the daytime is no easy chore. The brewery and pub is in an old factory building which is bright, huge, and completely refurbished – with skylights, potted trees and an added second floor.

The owner and brewer got to know each other from another local growing brewery “Speakeasy” – where one was a brewer and another a distributor. After meeting expectations for their first year at SP, they are expanding so they can brew more styles, and begin to sell their beer off premise. The owner, Chris Lawrence told me “We plan to be a production brewery.”

Marta at the bar explained how they brine their own pickles and focus on local fresh ingredients for the menu. Nate who came in for the later shift at the bar gave me a quick tour of the brewing facilities – where I noticed a few fermenting tanks in the corner unconnected, “We just bought them from the Gordon-Biersch that went out of business at the Embarcadero”.

So, next time you are in San Francisco – looking for a nice spot to sip some nice fresh beer and grab a bite – check out Southern Pacific – on track for growth and success in 2013.

Marta and Nate Cheerfully Greet Thirsty Patrons

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