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Philly Beer Week? Ardmore is Beer Central!

A Rare Sight - Empty Upstairs Bar at Tired Hands

Yes it that great time of year again – Philly Beer Week is unleashed on the Delaware Valley – with events from South Jersey to Bucks County Pa celebrating local and national craft beers. This is the time to check beer stuff out – on the PBW website, or here on my site.

Meanwhile, with the coincidental opening of two new Ardmore beer-stitutions — simultaneous with the start of Philly Beer Week 2012, Ardmore has suddenly become a go-to Beer Destination in the western suburbs.


This is what every beer appreciator wants in their own backyard – a real, honest from scratch brewery! Jean Broillet IV – experienced at a number of local breweries, has built with his friends and supporters an amazing, beautiful brewhouse right here in Ardmore. With 8 of his flavorful fresh brews on tap, some artesian breads and panini’s – craft beer fan’s local oasis has really arrived. Jean and his team are very serious about making his place a part of the fabric of Ardmore, a neighborhood brewery – as it used to be way back in the day. I’ve already sampled his “Hop Hands” (noted favorably in the Philly Inquirer’s beer competition) “Tactile” (Rye) along with his lower gravity farmhouse ale and other great beers.

Jean isn’t looking to make the strongest or craziest beers – just good honest flavorful brews you want to enjoy – at the brewery or to take home in growlers. Welcome Tired Hands to Ardmore — drop by after 4pm and enjoy.

THE BEER SHOPPE (44 Greenfield Plaza) 484-416-3594

Beer Shoppe Owner Peter Vitale greeting customers at the Door

Here you can find literally hundreds of craft beers – by the bottle or in six packs – and travel the beer world educating you palate with exquisite beers – here in Ardmore. Just up from the Ardmore liquor store in the Greenfield Plaza, Peter Vitale has established a fantastic array of bottles and cans of today’s best craft beers. You can spend a lot of time just scanning the selections – and grab a craft draft from the back bar while you browse.

Up front there are cheeses and meats from Dibruno’s and in back gourmet hot dogs. But all around is great beer. I was not surprised to find people wandering up from DSW or over from Tired Hands, picking up some memorable craft beer and cider at The Beer Shoppe on their way home. The best way to become a beer appreciator is just like any other sport or hobby… Practice Practice Practice! Well, with the Beer Shoppe in Ardmore, you can practice every day and have a new beer each time.

Tired Hands for Fresh Brewed - Beer Shoppe for world of Craft Beer

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