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Relax at the Delaware Museum of Natural History Beer & Wine Event

By October 11, 2010Beer Education

Dogfish pouring "the ancient series" for the event.

On a warm rainy Sunday in September could beer appreciators find themselves in Greenville Delaware at the Delaware Museum of Natural History? Well, if you enjoy traipsing through the dinosaurs, checking out the unusual taxidermy and other entertaining and educational displays, why not?

Well, one other good reason – particularly for beer appreciators – is the great “Wine and Dinosaurs” (wine and beer tasting) event – attracting great craft and imported beer and fine wine vendors, including educational sessions on both beer and wine. I had the pleasure of being the educational speaker on beer for the second time in three years, thanks to Cal Driscoll – one of the organizers of the annual charity event.

Are you tired of going to beer events where you are elbow to elbow (or other parts!) with people all pushing and shoving to get another two ounce pour of – well – just about any beer left? Uninteresting, expensive food (if available at all) and no place to sit, and too loud to try and hold a conversation?  Well, while not all beer events are like that (the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston hosted by Beer Advocate is a welcome exception) but it seems like more of these events are becoming unpleasant & uncontrolled drinkfests than not.

 The “Wine and Dinosaurs” event featured about 20 breweries and distributors featuring Belgians (Affligem, Rodenbach), local crafts (Stoudts, Saranac, Erie Brewing, Clipper City) and Delaware favorites (Dogfish, Twin Lakes and an interesting new brewery “16 Mile”). Along with the beer (and wine) was some really great food from local caterers – pasta, sandwiches – all part of the ticketed price. You can sit and relax at tables, drink, eat and talk with your friends, or attend your choice of wine or beer education sessions each half hour.

Maybe the best part of all this is that ALL the proceeds go to charity (the museum) – not an undisclosed “portion” of the proceeds like many of these events. This is precisely the type of event for true beer appreciators – allowing you to talk to the beer people there, take your time and explore the different beers – all the while knowing the money you are putting down is going to a good cause. 

There was plenty of space for more beer (and wine) appreciators, so please look for the Delaware Museum of Natural History “Wine and Dinosaur” event in the fall next year, and really enjoy yourself and your beer for a great cause!

BeerAppreciation sharing beer lore at the Delaware Museum of Natural History

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