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Don’t Forget About Gullifty’s

By February 21, 2010Beer Education

When I started BeerAppreciation back
In 2003 there still weren’t many places in the Main Line area that had a variety of decent beer. Maybe you could find Guinness and Bass, or a Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada here and there, but that was about it.

An oasis in that desert was Gullifty’s in Rosemont. Always something interesting on tap, unusual imports in bottles, nice big bar to relax in.

Now with the craft beer revolution in full bloom, beer focused places still popping up and down the Main Line, it can be easy to forget the pioneers – standbyes like the venerable Gullifty’s.

Under the watchful eye of the Johnson family and Kevin and their dedicated team, Gullifty’s thrives..and the beers just keep getting better.

Looking for a fine Belgian on tap? Want to try special local craft beers like Victory’s “Wild Devil” or Dock Street’s “Rye IPA”? How about a crisp draft German Weiss to compliment that pizza?

Next time you are thinking of a great beer and you are in the Bryn Mawr/Villanova area… Drop by Gullifty’s and remember – or try something new altogether.

Leave the kids in Borders for 20 min and enjoy a fine brew at the cool bar. So you have to buy them a CD or something when you pick them up, believe me It’s worth it.

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