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Dock Street – Wild West Philly Scene

By February 1, 2010Beer Education

The stream of to go customers buying artesian fresh made pizza made me decide to try one with my fresh and snappy Rye IPA.

Dock Street, reincarnated at 50th and Baltimore Ave, has really attracted locals from the neighborhood as well as beer appreciators from all over.

Along with the aforementioned Rye IPA, tried some great “Prince Myshkin” Russian Imperial Stout and the California Pale Ale – which was a great pair with that pizza.

The owner Rosemarie Certo was in the kitchen and brought out pieces of a new experimental pizza… Sloppy Joe Pizza – spicy and sweet..Nice… Hope it makes the menu.

It’s not downtown, but it doesn’t need to be. Like Mt. Airy’s fine Earth Bread & Brewery, these neighborhood brewery/bistros are well worth finding. If you happen to live in those neighborhoods, you have struck it rich -why go anywhere else?

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