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Lagers of the Islands

By October 23, 2009Beer Education

If you are fortunate enough to visit exotic islands for work or vacation, what’s on tap (hopefully) for the thirsty beer appreciator? Well, some light lagers- that’s what!

OK, I agree- if you are lucky enough to be there, with the sunshine, sunsets, warm breezes, palm trees – who cares about the beer? Well, I do…as there is a strong lager culture out there now…
From Jamaica’s Red Stripe to lesser know light quaffable brews like Aruba’s Belashi and in the far South Pacific – Tahiti’s Hinano.

With no real historic beer cultures to work with, like many other non-indigenous brewing nations (Mexico, India, China to name a few) European ex-pats brought their lager styles with them and over time the lighter the better.

Hinano is all over French Polynesia – Tahiti, Moorena, Bora-Bora, it started brewing in 1955. It’s very light tasting and pleasant – easy to throw down, and at a respectable 5% abv, will keep you lying happily poolside.

Being a hop-head I’d rather take on a Dogfish 90 Minute or a less lethal Yards Philly Pale at just about anytime – regardless of locale… But here’s to Island Girls – like the one on the Hinano lable…

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