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Beer & Cheese Pairing at the Main Line School Night

By August 14, 2009August 20th, 2009Beer Events


Beer and Cheese for 30 at the BeerAppreciation hosted Beer and Cheese Pairing at Main Line School Night June 10th.

Thirty interested, curious and just plain thirsty folks gathered the evening of June 10th try some outstanding artesianal cheeses and beers, put together by BeerAppreciation LLC to compare and contrast the flavors, textures and aroma of these two farm originated staples.

Beer and cheese go naturally together – as they both started as home made family food stuffs, first consumed for the family on the farm, and later sold to augment income. There is nothing finer than an all natural small batch cheese served with a fine craft beer. Beer offers the cheese its nuttiness, herbal bite and carbonation to clear the palate. Cheese completes beer with wonderful textures, aromas and complimentary earthy flavors.

DiBruno Brothers supplied the six fine cheeses and the Beer Yard in Wayne provided the craft beers. Reactions from the happy participants ran the gamut of “I liked the cheese, but with the beer it took on a whole new dimension” and “I loved the beer without the cheese, but together I’m not sure”. Most all were floored by the parings – including the powerful closer of the evening Midnight Moon Goats Milk aged Gouda with Founders Imperial Stout. A great time was had by all.

The pairing menu:

Coach Farm Peppercorn Brick Goats Milk: Hudson Valley, New York

Ballast Point Yellow Tail Ale, Kolsch: California, 4.6% ABV

Serena Farmstead Cheese, Cows Milk: Three Sisters Dairy; Lindsay, California

Ballast Point Calico American Amber Ale: California, 5% ABV

Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar; Fiscalini Farms: California

Ballast Point Big Eye Imperial IPA: California, 7% ABV

Roth Käse Gruyere Surchoix: Roth Käse USA, Wisconsin

Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA: Michigan, 9.4 ABV

Stichelton Blue, Raw Cows Milk: Colston Bassett Dairy; Nottinghamshire, England (via NY)

Founders Old Curmudgeon Old Ale: Michigan, 9.8 ABV

Midnight Moon; Cypress Grove Chevre, Goats Milk Gouda: California

Founders Imperial Stout: Michigan, 10.5 ABV