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Manayunk Brewing Company Tour and Tasting with Brewmaster Chris Firey

By April 7, 2005August 20th, 2009Beer Education


When Chris Firey and the Manayunk Brewing Company agreed to host the Beer Appreciation class, I hoped for something more in-depth than the average brewpub tour. Chris and Manayunk went over-the-top! They gave us an hour backstage in the brewery with Brewmaster Chris and included a complimentary special beer tasting and a food platter.

Chris gave us a brewmaster’s in-depth view of every phase of the brewing process from the choice of recipes to the art of yeast management and carbonation control. He patiently explained why he chooses only imported grains and two-row over six-row grain exclusively, “The kernels are just meatier.”

Did we know that boiling the wort at a slightly reduced temperature results in a beer that is drier and less malty? We do now! We were wowed by the information and delighted in tasting a nicely hopped Dunkel Weiss, a biting American Pale Ale and a well-balanced ESB.

Chris left his position at the highly regarded Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown for the freedom to develop his own recipes. I especially enjoyed his seasonal feature barley wine—it’s a personal favorite. Thanks to Chris and Manayunk for their support and courtesy. And best wishes to Chris on his journey into marriage in May!