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Ortino’s Northside Belgian Beer Dinner

By February 27, 2005August 20th, 2009Beer Dinners


On February 27, Ortino’s Northside in Zieglersville, PA, held its first formal Belgian beer dinner. A sold-out crowd of 65 diners feasted on a five-course seasonal menu created by Ortino’s Chef Dave. Each course was paired with draft Belgian specialty beers. The menu included stuffed pork loin with chocolate mole sauce made from Young’s Chocolate Stout, Corsendonk whipped sweet potatoes and mussels steamed in garlic and Saison Dupont. A luscious white chocolate fudge torte with lambic frambois puree was prepared by John’s wife, who is an exceptional dessert chef. I talked about the heritage of Belgian brewing and commented on each beer as it was served.

Left to right at Ortino’s Northside:

Lew Bryson, Peter Cherpack, John Ortino, Jack Curtin Ortino’s event photo

A few lucky diners went home with a set of Chimay glasses, sweatshirts, Belgian beer gift packs and gift certificates. Renowned beer experts Lew Bryson and Jack Curtin were there and agreed it was an impressive affair. The event’s beer roster is below.

Hoegaarden—classic wit bier (45% wheat) with a hint of coriander

Abbye Leffe Blonde— light, refreshing Abby style ale

Saison Dupont—classic summer “seasonal beer” that is highly carbonated

Piraat—strong triple style, high alcohol taste, light color

La Chouffe—specialty “cult beer,” fruity, well rounded

Kasteel Triple—very strong, golden, champagne-like abbey triple style

Gulden Drak—very strong brown ale, toffee flavors, malty

Urthel Samaranth (12%)—artisanal specialty, smooth super-strong amber ale

3 Philosophers—from Belgians brewing in the U.S., a strong malty ale mixed with cherry lambic

Ortino’s Northside is located just north of Schwenksville, PA on Route 29. It offers delicious food, spectacular desserts and a surprisingly wide selection of craft brews and Belgian specialty beers.