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OktoberFest in Radnor Returns – Join us for Beer, Wine and Food!

By September 5, 2011January 28th, 2013Beer Education

The Paulaner Family of Bavarian Brews

Yes, it’s time to soothe our back to school (and work) summer ending woes with Oktoberfest celebrations! Strap on the lederhosen and dirndls again, and REGISTER NOW to join us October 5 at 7pm.

Last year at the Main Line School Night we entertained a happy beer-mined group with great beers and lore sharing the annual traditions of Bavarian Oktoberfest. This year we have definitely “kicked it up a notch” with the great beers and now German wines with some traditional Bavarian foods to go with it.

Oktoberfest is a celebration of all things Bavarian, and (strangely) that’s more than beer. They do unquestionably drink a stupendous amount of beer through those two weeks, but they also quaff local wines and chow down on local…er.. delicacies? OK, it’s tough to call pigs knuckles and dumplings delicacies, but there are some other very good and tasty dishes that are consumed in mass with the brews. The best of the wurst is really something- and many of the traditional Bavarian meals have evolved right along with their beer drinking culture – resulting in a great match of flavors, textures and aromas.

Come and be part of the fun on October 5th from 7 – 9pm in Radnor for stories, Beer and both German wine and food – hosted by the Main Line School Night. REGISTER NOW


Best of the Wurst!

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