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R5 Train to Great Beer


Enjoy great craft beer at the four premier craft beer bars in the Main Line Philly suburban area, and take the R5 Paoli local train to get there instead of driving!

Four great craft beer bars — each one is less than a 5 minute stroll from a Paoli Local Train Station and is offering you the best beer you can find anywhere.Go HERE to see location maps and photos.

Join in the Legacy of Great Entertainment on the Main Line

The Main Line was established in the 1800’s as a summer refuge for those who could afford to escape the “miasma” of the inner city. The later construction of the “Main line” steam train line in the late 1800’s facilitated easy travel out to these summer homes and a vibrant entertainment industry developed. There were places for fine dining, taverns, ball rooms and even boardwalks to entertain new Main Line residents and visitors.


Gullifty’s @ 1149 Lancaster Ave. is a two block walk from the R5 Rosemont Station. Call Gullifty’s at 610-525-1851


Teresa’s Next Door @ 126 N Wayne Ave is about a block from the Wayne Station. Call Teresa’s at 610-293-0119


An easy two blocks to TJ’s Everyday@ 35
Paoli Plaza from the Paoli Station. Call TJ’s @ 610-725-0100


Walk two short blocks from the Malvern Station to The Flying Pig @121 E King St. Call them at (610) 578-9208