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The following are links to documents from Peter of BeerAppreciation LLC, feel free to use them for your personal use. If you want to publish them or otherwise reuse them for any other than your personal use activities, first you must notify me in writing (peter@beerappreciation). Thanks.

1 – Read the summary results of the voting at the Philly Beer Fest over the past two years. Also review the Philly Beer Fest 2008 Vote Results and 2007 Beer Ballot Vote Results – Since its inception in 2007 BeerAppreciation has conducted its “Best Beer” and “Most Interesting Beer” voting at the Phily Beer Fest. Over 300 votes were tallied in 2007 and about 200 votes in 2008 . Do you Voodoo? Ithica rules in Philly? What was your vote?

2 - How to Host Your Own Beer Tasting Event – This is a step by step guide to help you plan your own event at home or at a local venue. If you have ever thought about doing your own beer tasting, this guide can be very useful.

3 – BeerAppreciation LLC Beer Event Planner – If you are considering using BeerAppreciation to host a beer dinner or beer tasting event, this document walks you through the options and things you should consider relating to BeerAppreciation LLC services.

4 -The BeerAppreciation LLC “Beer Field Guide” – A cheat sheet for those interested in beer styles and types – and a quick reference guide for food pairings, glassware, etc. “All you need to know about beer on one piece of paper”. Sort of.

5 – BeerAppreciation LLC Beer Tasting Guide – On one side is a handy template to fill out when tasting and rating beers, the other is “How to Taste Beer”. This is fun to use at your own beer tasting event.

6 – The Future of Craft Brewing Survey 2008 Report – The results of the survey conducted by BeerAppreciation LLC in January 2008. Read responses from brewers, beer writers and others in the industry about how hops and grain shortages may change craft brewing.

7 – Gullfty’s Pizza and Beer Pairing Matrix – In 2007 the BeerAppreciation Class tasted ten gourmet pizzas from Gullifty’s Bar and Grill in Rosemont with six different beers. The class voted on each pairing, with some interesting resul