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How to Taste Beer

Beer Tastingx465

Consider the beer’s appearance and note the color, foam and clarity.
Clarity: Sparkling bright – dull – cloudy
Foam: Creamy, small bubbles – large bubbles, open texture, amount of lacing or cling of foam to glass
Color: Black – dark brown – amber – gold – yellow –straw

Swirl and Sniff:
Consider the beer’s aroma; describe the character of the aroma and its intensity.
Character: fruity – hoppy – malty
Intensity: low – medium – high

Taste the beer; take a good sip and ensure it covers all areas of the mouth.
Character: fruity – malty – bitter – hoppy – alcoholic
Intensity: low – medium – high

Consider the beer’s taste, mouth feel and aftertaste and mark the character and intensity.
Mouth feel character: carbonation – body – astringency
Mouth feel intensity: low – medium – high
Aftertaste character: Bitter
Aftertaste intensity: short – long

Between samples, cleanse palate well with water or bread.

Rate the beer. The following exemplifies a 100-point rating scale.

Appearance 0 – 20 points
Head (foam)

Aroma 0 – 20 points

Taste 0 – 40 points
Bitterness to sweetness balance 0 – 10 points
Mouth feel 0 –10 points
Body 0 – 10 points
Aftertaste 0 –10 points

Overall 0 – 20 points
Match to style
Pleasure you have derived